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November 2012

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Red Lobster is an awesome place to work for. I can get full health, vision and dental benefits even as a part tuime employee and the pay is awesome considering I'll be just standing there greeting people. I'M SO EXCITED. When I went in yesterday I didn't start my job training yet, I just signed a bunch of things and made my schedule for this week and next week. My manager seems really serious but so nice and understanding. My first day of training starts tommorrow at 11:30. Finally Sarah and I can start to talk about traveling again.
I'm very excited because for Spring Break my school is having a trip to Belgium and Turkey for 11 days for less than $3000! That is unheard of!! For some people that is a huge amount of money, and it is to me too. But for being in Europe in 2 countires for almost two weeks that is very cheap. Even though my life isn't perfect right now at least I have my job and this trip to be excited about.
However, last night I cried to Sarah again and I feel so bad. I'm getting so tired of how my parents are treating my siblings and seeing how it effects them. I try so hard to change everything and to be better parents for them than my parents are but its not working. I know I should be worrying about my own life but I'm not like that. I can't just move out and accept that my siblings are being treated like crap by my parents. I resent them so much for it.