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November 2012

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Tired&New Job update

So I'm sick right now. I'm missing school for the first time today which is upsetting me because I get so anxious about it. I'm also tired and have been emotional lately because of the normal things that have been going on in my family since the beginning of time. I'm getting tired of being strong and being a hero all the time. For once I just want to go home to a normal family and be happy. I hate my step dad more and more every day. And people older than me don't seem to get it that I dislike him for a huge amount of reasons. Not just because no one likes their step dad. He is such a coward, such a piece of garbage without feeling. 
It's funny that my step brother (his son) is getting kicked out for the same reason. My mom hates him and she dosen't see that shes married to the person with the exact same personality. My step dad deserves Mike as a son, so he knows what its like to be discusted and disappointed with someone and you can't do anything about it. Usually I am so peaceful, and I never have a bad intention toward anyone. But I have never, ever, in my life had such negative emotions toward someone. I have never met such a cruel, cold person. Such a liar who preys on people weaker than him and takes joys in people's unhappiness. Fuck him.

In other not so exciting news. Work is good, my hours suck though, I hope they get better. I really need to save money for the Europe trip in March. I want to be excited for it but there is a long winter ahead and something tells me living at home with my parents wonw't make it any shorter.


I know living with parents can suck and sometimes you just get fed up with all that crap - and being sick certainly doesn't help. But, you know, that's life for you - sometimes it sucks. And I know me saying this won't make you feel better either, but well... Have a cookie? *offers a plate*
LOL Thanks, cookies always help :)