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November 2012

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So lets just say a lot of shit has been going on...

The short version is that Sarah and I are moving out, and we found a dream house that we are waiting on to hopefully be ours. 
Yeah, big change from when I last wrote a few weeks ago. But the thing is, we are so miserable at home. So we've decided to move out, but to keep saving up for Canada. We decided that its better to move out and work hard to be happy the whole year, instead of staying home to go on vacation once a year to only be happy for a week. it will take a little longer to save for vacations now but we are still determined :).
Part of me is like:
 Because this house is beautiful and perfect for a starter house. 

But on the other hand, Sarah and I both nervous because one of us is going to have to get a second job. Her mom is being a royal douche about the whole thing as expected. 

Oh...did I mention I can't bring my cat? Yeah, I have to leave her with my sister. My cat loves her and spends hours of time with my sister every day but still. I'm heart broken. I hope she understands. I want to move out and take her but no landlord wants a cat. It sucks that I have to put aside traveling, only having one job and my cat for my happiness. It shouldn't have to be that way.

This whole thing is SO bittersweet.